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 We currently have no open staff positions.

Available Internship Roles (click for full role description)

  1. Communications/Marketing
  2. Community Outreach
  3. Children's Education Support

About ELC Internships

Emauel Lutheran Church offers internship opportunities relevant to the church’s outreach and mission programs. With fall and spring semester opportunities, professional work experience helps students fulfill requirements, as well as learn in a hands-on environment. Ideally suited to high school juniors and seniors, experience gained from ELC internships round out college and scholarship applications with community involvement, while expanding knowledge and skills in operations, marketing, education, public relations, and advertising for a nonprofit organization.

What You’ll Receive

Coaching- Every intern is matched with a mentor/coach. All ELC mentors are members of either the Mission team or church council. Depending on a mutually agreeable schedule, mentors are available to set expectations, provide direction, answer questions and be a general support during the internship.

Experience- Develop real-world experience and leadership skills that you'll need for the next stage of your life. In a welcoming, spiritual environment, you'll receive hands-on training while serving alongside experienced church staff and ministry leaders.

Acknowledgement - Whether you are interested in vocational ministry, or other chosen field TBD, you will receive a professional letter of recommendation to aid in your pursuit of a career or degree. Demonstrated community experience is highly valued and important to both employers and universities. Letters are awarded based on mentor approval of adequate completion of responsibilities in the assigned role.

Applicants from all denominations are welcome. We value diversity and encourage candidates from varied backgrounds to apply.

To apply for an internship, please email a cover letter explaining your interest and what you will bring to the specific role to